The special services we offer

We operate as a specialized company in the field of production and propagation of houseplants for their supply and export in domestic and foreign markets.

Utilizing expert force, new knowledge and technology in production, is our feature

To receive the best and most beautiful houseplants and greenhouse inputs, just contact us.

Consulting, design and management

Consulting, presenting greenhouse plans and setting up and managing greenhouses, using the knowledge and experience of the company's technical experts


Production and supply of houseplants

Growing a variety of houseplants using various planting and propagation methods, including the "tissue culture" method with the aim of supplying the domestic market and exporting to other countries.


Sale of greenhouse inputs

Selling all kinds of greenhouse inputs, including: "All kinds of houseplants, soil and fertilizers, pesticides and fungicides" and equipment and technical and decorative equipment required in the greenhouse



About Us

The growth of houseplants is our passion.

We offer a wide range of unusual beauties as well as pots, compost and all the care items you may need to grow houseplants. We created a platform in which we can share the pleasure of enjoying our diverse and beautiful propagated plants with the world at a reasonable price, by utilizing specialized forces, new technology and new methods of cultivating houseplants.

We also created a great excuse for further expansion and promotion of houseplants, called "trade".